01 July 2014

Writing the way I want to write

Today I started to write on the sequel to my novella MindScreens. This book has been a long time in the making.

I originally started to write it last year and due to some really strange circumstances the book disappeared. I trusted so much in cloud computing that I didn't save a backup.

The only thing left over was part of the outline and so, after licking my wounds and swallowing my pride I started to write the book again.

And again.

For some reason the writing felt stale. I blamed it on feeling like crap and left the book to simmer on the back burner as I started to write something else and started to collect blog posts for e-books I planned to publish at a later date.

Yet, MindScreens kept calling.

Today I answered the call and started to write. Not the next chapter, but one that comes much later in the outline. And then I started to write the next. And I wrote a scene that needs to come in the start of the book. I didn't question myself. I just wrote. 15 moleskine pages worth of scribbles.

And I was damn happy with the writing. It sizzled at some points and I found some exciting new ways to develop the plot to a cliffhanger ending for this book. (it's the second part of a trilogy.)

I write this book my way. I don't care one bit about writing in sequence. I write the scenes I want to write. I know I will fit the jigsaw pieces in place when I transcribe the book into Scrivener.

The funny thing is, I know exactly which scenes I still have to write and which scenes still need to be outlined. I know my story. By heart.

I no longer question my writing method. I just write. And I love it.