14 December 2014

Sylly Sunday - Ignore ego and create!

Sylly Sunday is all about play, about my Inner Two Year Old and about being insanely creative! Wonder what an Inner Two Year Old is? Check this link!

Picture me sitting on the sofa/bed in my creative cave, my pencils are all around me and I am doodling like mad.
Ego mutters, "that really sucks, it isn't art, remember what your teacher told you at school. You suck at art and-"

I stick out my tongue, and continue doodling.
Ego yells, "Stop it!"
I blow a raspberry and grab some red for good measure.
Ego, quite evilly, "You will fail and fail miserably. No one will love this work so just stop it already!"
I whistle along with the radio, moving to green.
Ego, spluttering, "but! but! I have the power over you, just like your 
teacher had when you were a little girl!" 

I laugh and move on to the blue.